The session begins with a Body Scan three inches above your physical body in your Etheric (or Auric) body. These structures and blocks can then be removed with your permission. Once removed they cannot return. They are transmuted and re-absorbed into the Universe. This healing modality is for anyone feeling a need to do deep healing, remove Etheric blockage and assimilate their shifts.
While this is an integral part of the Melchizedek Light Activation, it can be done prior to it. The energy continues after a session…allowing you to absorb and integrate and release at your own pace on all four levels of your Being – mental, emotional, Spiritual, and physical.
Benefits include:

Releasing of emotional, mental, and physical trauma stored within the physical body and mental/emotional body

Inner child healings and/or Soul Retrieval

An understanding of chronic physical ailments


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Healing services with Reiki therapy for your shift and change

Follow up sessions

Receive intuitive messages

$170.00 per session Click here to pay


 Feel like a part of your soul is missing? Never feel quite in your body? Unable to get grounded?

Then this session is for you; we will check Akashic records across time and space to find the point of origin to why a fragment of your soul separated so that we can bring you into union and the alignment. Then with Crystal Tones bowl we will bring you into meditation to clear the lost part of the soul and remerge it back into your original.

60 minute Sessions - $350.00 Pay Here


Free yourself from the negative emotional cords from family, friends and relationships. Be able to re-connect in a conscious, healthy and positive way. Cut the cords to all emotional attachments, negative energy, relationship cords of all kinds, and material attachments (behaviors, addictions, etc). 

Add onto a service - $50.00 Pay Here

30 minute Sessions - $90.00 Pay Here

Angel Reading

Alchemy Crystal Tones Bowl sound healing session

Genius Insight Biofeedback sessions

Akashic Past/Present/Future Readings

Oracle Reading

Past Life Reading and trauma corrections 

If you are feeling stuck and want to know exactly which direction to take or what is holding you back so you can get some clarity to be able to move forward in life. 

Turkish Coffee Reading

Tarot Reading

30 Minute Sessions – $85.00 Click here to pay
60 Minute Sessions – $170.00 Click here to pay